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Beat the Heat When Traveling In India

Beat the Heat When Traveling In India
Are you planning to visit India during the summer vacations? You need to know how Indian summers are like. Summers in India are hot and a good portion of the country reels under a severe heat wave as temperature of majority of the Indian states lies above 40 degrees in the Celsius scale during summers. Ofcourse hill stations are a respite and ideal for a summer visit.
Following a few simple tips you can stay as cool as a cucumber and can enjoy your trip to India and take back wonderful memories of a lifetime.
Here are a few guidelines that will help you beat the heat of Indian summers.
Some General Tips
Do apply sunscreen (preferably with an SPF 15 and above) before going out in the sun and always keep a tube in your handbag. Use sunglasses Avoid deep colored synthetic clothes. Wear light, lose fitting cotton clothes instead. Indian kutis along with leggings or Tshirts and cargos are ideal. Drink plenty of water and always carry a water bottle with you. Eat plenty of salads and fresh fruits because they will help you to regain the moisture you lose through sweating. Avoid oily food as they reduce the percentage of water in the body. Indian foods, especially the street foods have lot of deep fried items Avoid moisturizers in this weather especially, if you have an oily skin, and do not forget to put on talcum powder as they help to lock moisture. Frequent cool showers are the best way to refresh yourself and get rid of all the sweat and dirt.
Special Ones Just for the Indian weather
The searing heat waves of varying intensities grip the entire country during this time. So, a few special tips can help a lot to survive these waves. Don’t drink liquids containing alcohols or sugar as they drain fluid out of your body. Also avoid cold drinks as they may cause stomach cramps. Don’t wait to feel thirsty. But ensure that you buy only bottled water. Avoid water or juices from street side shops. Try to stay in an air-conditioned space. If you are planning to go out in the city hire an ac cab. People who live in India enjoy a spicy meal even when it’s hot, since the capsaicin in the hot peppers will make them perspire and when the sweat evaporates it makes one feel quite cool! So do try a spicy dish on a hot summer day in India to experience this magic!
Must and Must-not Visit Suggestions
There is nothing better than going to a hill station in this hot summer. India has lovely and beautiful hill stations which not only provide a mesmerizing scenic beauty but also immense relief from the hot and humid climate of the plains. Darjeeling and Gangtok are hill stations in east India, which are good choices if you want to feel the cool and fresh mountain air, see some of the world's highest peaks like the Kanchenjunga, Mt. Everest etc. Nainital is a hill station in Uttarakhand, famous not just for the snow-capped mountain peaks or beautiful lakes but also for its ancient temples, myths and legends. Other recommended hill-stations to visit during the Indian summers include Dehradun, Shimla, Khandala, Ooty etc. Avoid cities in the plains like Jaipur, Delhi, Agra, Allahabad, Ajmer, Kolkata and some regions in south India including the Kerala backwaters as they turn extremely hot and humid in summers and also experience heat waves of high intensity. Follow these tips and you can have a vacation you will cherish forever.