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Expenses for a Trip to India

Traveling across India- Let’s Look at the Pocket Pinch
India is one of the most favorite among tourist spots all over the world. Given the culture, the heritage, the history, the cuisine, the Taj Mahal, the hospitality, the warmth and so much color- how can anybody give preference to anywhere else over India?
The other factor which works in favor of India being one of the most preferred tourist spots is the bracket of wallets that it caters to. From an average pocket to a high budget luxurious visit, India has it all in store. The extensive public transport system and a large English comprehending population make the trip a fun filled bonanza.
Travelling and Accommodation
For local travel there is a wide variety of modes of public transport, ranging from buses, taxis, autos and rickshaws. Rickshaws are the slowest, but there is nothing like it when you want to have the benefit of sightseeing while commuting. The bus journey is the cheapest as one can take a tour around the whole city for as low as INR 45 for general buses and INR 100 for a Volvo bus.
When travelling by taxi or auto, there are two best available options:
Opt for a pre-paid vehicle, where you are handed over a receipt underlining the amount that you have to pay up for the decided destination.
Fix the rate before hoping on to the vehicle. A little trick of getting reasonable price can be by beginning from half of what they ask for and taking it upwards from there.
For travelling to longer distances, opt for a sleeper bus which comes to you in semi-sleeper or sleeper either with the luxury of A/C or without it. Another viable option could be travelling by train. Here you have the luxury to choose the kind of service you would like to enjoy – from lockable air conditioned compartments in AC-1 to general sleeper compartments or chair car coaches.
For accommodation, there are a range of hotels starting from as low as INR 1000 for 24 hours check out period. But the service and other infrastructures may not make the cut for comfort. For a little higher range- starting from INR 2000-3000 per day, the rooms and services will be good. Then of course there are the best luxury hotels in almost every city, where the budget will be higher.
Food and Shopping
All the regions of India have their own traditional food, so a Thali or a meal is the safest and the cheapest bet. There are abundant snack stalls on the road sides all over the country that serve hot beverages like tea and coffee for as low as INR 5-10 and snacks for a similar range.
You can easily spot a cafe or a food joint which serves beverages, snacks and meals for reasonable rates too. Food budget is quite similar to that of accommodation. For a higher budget, you can gorge on expensive delicacies at the best hotels and restaurants of any city.
All the major tourist spots have shopping malls for purchase of branded products. For local shopping and souvenirs your bargaining skills could be up for test. Here too a little head up could do the trick for you.
How to Carry Money across the Country
You can find an ATM at every nook and corner of every city of India. There are enough foreign currency exchange counters too. But you should be a little wary of middlemen or agents and learn to do it on your own. The best way to carry money would be through a combination of cash, card and travelers’ cheques.
Average Budget
For an average budget of INR 15,000-20,000 per week for a week, India offers comfortable travel, good stay and amazing meals and snacks. If the budget were to look upwards at an average of around INR 25,000-30,000 per week, a nearly luxurious travel, stay and a taste of amazing Indian cuisine can be enjoyed.