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Medical tourism in India

Benefits of Visiting India for Betterment of Health
Western shores are no longer the first choice of people for a better medical facility, the choice now, is India. Developing countries have turned out to be a better option when it comes to providing good medical facility at affordable costs. The medical tourism industry in India is developing very rapidly, thereby attracting people from all parts of the world. Ranked among the top 5 destinations for medical tourists, India hosts 150,000 medical tourists annually with an annual growth of over 30%. It is assumed that by 2015, it will be worth a $2 billion industry. The major reasons why this has emerged to be one of the fastest developing industries are –

Cost Benefits – As per a recent business report a heart bypass surgery will require $ 25,000 in the US and $24,000 in Thailand but only $ 8,500 in India. The competitive price is the most important factor behind the development of this industry. India offers medical aids which are way cheaper than the ones offered by USA or UK.


Medical Facilities - The quality of medical equipments and med-aids provided by the speciality hospitals are at par with the ones provided by the developed countries. India has the largest number of USFDA (U.S. Food and Drugs Administration) – approved drug manufacturing units outside USA. So Indian hospitals like Apollo, Fortis, Escorts, Max etc. which provide excellent infrastructure and world-class facilities prove to be a better choice than western hospitals. The government is also taking initiatives to improve the health-care infrastructure.


Qualified Doctors - India consists of the maximum numbers of nurses, doctors and medical staff. Moreover, the British influence on the education system makes them fluent in English because of which, there is no communication gap with the foreigners. Almost every doctor is well-trained in top medical institutes in India and abroad and hence has no problem in handling foreign patients. For the record, India produces 30,000 doctors and nurses annually.


Wellness Tourism and Exotic Locations – One of the major trends in the emerging medical tourism is the wellness tourism. The Indian spas provide a blend of Ayurvedic, Thai and Chinese techniques which attracts many foreigners to India every year. India has almost 2500 spas run by 30 spa centres in all the major cities. Moreover the scenic beauty of the hill stations, the soothing backwaters of Kerala, the pristine beaches of Goa and the historical monuments like Taj Mahal add to the charm of this industry, and a rejuvenating holiday to every tourist.


Support of the Government – The government of India has taken several initiatives to boost the medical industry. Since it has a major impact on our GDP, the government of India is promoting many government institutes as a premier spot for medical tourists. Kerala and Andhra Pradesh state governments have also done commendable jobs to promote the industry in their respective states.


Decisions by Doctors - Unlike many countries, doctors in India have the most say in any issue related to medicine. In many countries doctors are afraid to say much because it might be used against them in any law suit.


Lack of adequate health insurance is another major reason for the growth of the medical tourism industry, as the countries like Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia give India a tough competition in this field but still the advantages provided by India will need to be adequately encashed in a sustainable manner.

All these reasons make India an ideal destination for all those who want to escape the expensive medical treatments in their own country.

So come to India for a better health treatment and along with a memorable holiday!