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Beware of Transport Scams

India and Indians- both are really welcoming, hospitable and heart warming. Home to colourful and diverse places in so many ways, tourists find India a highly attractive location to delve into the architectural beauty, natural landscapes and sceneries.

Travelling is a major concern for a tourist across a country, which spans 3214 kms from North to South and 2933 kms from East to West. There are various modes of travel available, right from airways to railways and roadways. For local travel, one might look at taxis, autos, buses and rickshaws.
Travelling Scams
Though India is a safe country, for a tourist of foreign nationality who doesn’t know the local language, it never hurts to be extra careful and stay on constant vigil against transport scams. Travel scams form a major chunk of mishaps that occur across the country to a tourist of foreign nationality. One should remain vigilant about luggage, money and one self.
Be careful about the place you have chosen to travel. Choose the places to go out partying with extreme caution and don’t get carried away. Check out the recent news to rule out any risk at the destination as a few areas around the country might be considered as sensitive for terrorist attacks and anti-social unrest.
What you might have to face?
There are a lot of ways that a tourist can get travel scammed. The drivers are good with words and their faces give nothing away. But a slight heads up in this regard will put your guard on and you will get through it. However, it goes without saying that wherever you go, you will always find good people who are honest and happy to help.
Mid way through your journey from the airport/railway station, the driver of your auto or taxi might reveal that he does not know the way to your hotel or might try and convince you that it gets full house during this time of the year. He will then persuade you to try other places around the city. A lot of people have fallen to these stories because they don’t know what to expect on their arrival or they are just too tired to argue with the driver. But try and stick to the hotel that you have pre-booked or want to go to. If there would be an accommodation problem in that hotel, then the alternate options could be looked into. A suggestion here- travel light.
An inconsistent meter is one of the major problems. Some taxi or auto drivers manipulate their meters to tick faster than the normal. The traveller should be on the watch out, at least for the first few minutes to check that the meter is running at a constant pace, and not too fast.
Rule out Middlemen as far as Possible
The country has a reasonably nice network of online services. Railways, roadways and airways are well-connected and almost every state tourism department have their own online booking forums, so that the customers can manage their way through reviewing and booking travel/reservation tickets or tour packages and do not have to go through the trouble of looking for a middleman and coughing up the extra bucks. The packages and all the other details are easily available online for reference and information.
Be Careful About What You Chose To Eat
A lot of times, travelling in local transport can be vexing for being more than just tiresome. Local cons and thieves often drug eatables and offer them and later escape with the money, luggage and any other gadgets.
There is police patrolling and protection at all the stations and major stops, but it is better to take your own precautions and protective measures against the petty thefts.
And most importantly, book your tour with reliable tour operators only. Check the details and authenticity of the tour operator with whom you are booking your travel.